Increase bid efficiency by bringing advanced technical trade-off capabilities to non-experts business teams

Leverage spacestudio™ to sell your propulsion systems

Increase bid efficiency by bringing advanced technical trade-off capabilities to non-experts business teams

A bidding team from the company “ReallyGoodThrusters” is in discussions with a small satellite platform provider “AvionicsLookingForThrusters” that needs a propulsion system that meets certain technical specifications for the desired mission. The bidding team must convince “AvionicsLookingForThrusters” that “ReallyGoodThrusters“ has the best solution compared to the competition's propulsion systems for the intended satellite mission. To do this, the bidding team must first understand which product in “ReallyGoodThrusters” 's portfolio is best suited to meet the “AvionicsLookingForThrusters” 's need and showcase the solution to him. At the same time, the bidding team wants to focus on real business opportunities and therefore must avoid prospects whose needs will not be met by “ReallyGoodThrusters” ‘s products.


The bidding team of “ReallyGoodThrusters” lacks autonomy because they do not have the tools within their team to directly handle this type of highly technical analysis. In addition, most bidding teams are made up of people with commercial or engineering backgrounds, but who do not necessarily have expert technical knowledge of space and orbital mechanics. For these reasons, a situation develops where there are back and forth discussions with the technical experts, who are often in a different team with different priorities, to get the right analysis of the different possible propulsion solutions.

This results in poor responsiveness and efficiency in the work of the sales team, leading to long nights, delays in bid submission, and ultimately missed revenue and team fatigue.


- With a simple and easy user interface, spacestudio™ allows the bid team to intuitively create and modify the objects (satellites, propulsion systems, batteries…) they need for their propulsion system trade-off.

- spacestudio™ uses a powerful analytical model, allowing to get thousands of trade-off options results in seconds, as opposed to only one analysis in hours. Generating the platform provider’s mission and comparing different propulsion system alternatives becomes rapid and efficient so the bid team can showcase their propulsion system solution against the competition.

- spacestudio™ displays the most interesting and important results in terms of propulsion budget without the need for additional post-processing. The results can then be saved, and figures exported directly into the bid propositions reports to make bidding easier and faster.