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Exotrail launches new U.S.-based Subsidiaries, hires senior executives to support U.S. Government and Commercial Space Logistics needs.

Exotrail launches new U.S.-based Subsidiaries.

Exotrail launches new U.S.-based Subsidiaries, hires senior executives to support U.S. Government and Commercial Space Logistics needs.

Exotrail, a global leader in end-to-end space mobility, is thrilled to announce the establishment of its new subsidiaries in the United States: Exotrail U.S. Inc., and Exotrail U.S. Federal Inc. The subsidiaries will focus on pioneering innovative solutions and driving advancements in space logistics to support current and future U.S. Defense, Civil, and Commercial space requirements.

As an industry leader in Space Logistics, Exotrail will continue to focus on its core mission: enhancing the mobility of space assets, so that small satellites can optimize their deployment, increase their service performance, and reduce space pollution.

Exotrail U.S. will commit significant resources to develop engineering and manufacturing capabilities in the U.S. to support government and commercial customers. A nationwide search is underway to select the best location to establish a spaceware™ factory and spacedrop™ integration facility. Exotrail U.S. has already begun the effort of deploying spacestudio™ and spacetower™ to U.S.-based cloud infrastructure.

As part of the company's strategic growth in the United States., Exotrail U.S. is excited to introduce its first two employees, who bring decades of experience working with commercial and defense satellite organizations:

Tyler Browder - Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Tyler was the CEO and co-founder of the space software company Kubos, which was acquired in 2022. He has ten years of experience developing software products in the space industry and building distribution channels through strategic partnerships. Tyler is located in Portland, Oregon.

Brian Holt – Director, U.S. Gov Business Development and Partnerships

Brian Holt is a space mobility pioneer, leader, and aerospace veteran, having supported numerous innovation activities across the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Space Force over the last 20 years. Brian is located in New England outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

"Exotrail’s investment in the U.S. represents a significant milestone for us," said Jean-Luc Maria, CEO of Exotrail. "We already have more than five customers in North America, with commercial partners ranging from traditional prime to new space operators like Astro Digital, Starfish Space, and NASA on the civil space side. Accelerating our growth in both institutional and commercial markets is instrumental to Exotrail’s future.” added Tyler Browder, CEO of Exotrail U.S.

“At the historical peak of space cooperation between France and the U.S., launching Exotrail’s U.S. offices allows us to directly respond to the U.S. Space Force’s Line of Effort #3, Partner to Win.” said Brian Holt, Director of Exotrail U.S. Business Development and Partnerships. “I am really excited to bring my 20 years of experience in the Air Force and Space Force to Exotrail and help them solve U.S. Government requirements with their pioneering of end-to-end space mobility solutions.”
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