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Exotrail presents qualified personalities who will constitute its Advisory Committee

Exotrail presents its Advisory Committee

Exotrail presents qualified personalities who will constitute its Advisory Committee

Exotrail presents qualified personalities who will constitute itsAdvisory Committee, an additional support for the company entering a new growthphase.

After the announcement of its €54 million Series B funding round in February 2023, Exotrail is consolidating its development strategy by creating an Advisory Committee, an independent advisory body supporting its Board ofDirectors. This Committee consists of five voluntary personalities, who will offer the diversity of their experiences to support Exotrail in its industrial scaling, the evolution of markets related to in-orbit logistics for both civilian and defense markets, as well as the strategy and management of its internationalization.

Working on specific themes proposed by the executive and the Board of Directors, the Advisory Committee will meet with these five personalities with key skills several times a year. They will provide development tracks underpinned by expertise built in their previous experiences, related to Exotrail's strategic challenges, and acquired in the critical phases of growth and internationalization of companies.

Exotrail is proud to present its Advisory Committee composed, in alphabetical order, of:

  • Jean-Yves Courtois: Having recently taken over the leadership of the French startup Preligens to support its growth, Jean-Yves Courtois     has a strong experience in defense projects, as well as in technological entrepreneurship and the associated internationalization phase - notably in the United States with his previous company Orolia.
  • Vincent Gardeau: CEO of CELAD, Vincent Gardeau has comprehensive experience in software and entrepreneurship, having grown the company from a small Toulouse SME into a reference in computer science for clients, mainly industrial.
  • Nicolas Gaume: entrepreneur with numerous projects in digital technology, Nicolas Gaume has gone through the different phases of a company, from hypergrowth to IPOs on markets in full transformation. Today, he is pursuing several projects in the space domain, such as the     development of a pressurized spacecraft to industrialize in orbit (Space Cargo Unlimited) or the construction and operation of training facilities for manned flight (Orbite Inc.). He also leads Microsoft Corp's global team in charge of strategic partnerships and the development of space     activities.
  • Laurent Grimaldi: Investor and entrepreneur (Tiscali, Konnect), Laurent Grimaldi has more than 30 years of experience in the     telecommunications sector, including satellites. He invests in deep tech projects (space, quantum, robotics, etc.). His international experience in these markets and his knowledge of the Private Equity world are well recognized.
  • Florence Parly: Senior civil servant, leader of large French companies, and prominent politician, Florence Parly has strong experience in rail and air logistics, as well as in the space domain - where she announced the defense strategy as Minister of the Armed Forces in 2019.

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