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Exotrail releases version 2.1 of ExoOPS™

Mission Design and extends the trial period

Exotrail releases version 2.1 of ExoOPS™

Last week, Exotrail released the version 2.1 of ExoOPSTM - Mission Design, which includes several new features. In occasion of this update, Exotrail has decided to extend the period of the COVID initiative to the 11th of May, allowing the 100+ trial users to discover the new software functionalities.

The fruitful period for the Exotrail Software Development Team is going-on. After the official release of ExoOPSTM - Mission Design, the announcement of Eutelsat as a customer, and the one-month free-trial initiative for the COVID confinement, we are happy to advertise the release of ExoOPSTM - Mission Design version 2.1. Since last week, all the users can utilize the new functionalities introduced with this update. Our licensing model ensures that customers always use the most recent version of the software, which is updated approximately every three months.

The 2.1 version involves a major update of the constellation module (more info on this module and on the software below). It is now possible to design your ground segment and to validate its performance against your mission requirements. Moreover, in order to always satisfy our customer needs, we implemented several other updates according to the feedback received. We always look for improving our products according to our customers demand.

Watch the video below for a comprehensive overview of the 2.1 version.

Or, if you prefer, find a list of the updates in the followings:

Numerical module

  • Custom thrust strategies: arcs, pattern with rest orbit, stop in eclipse
  • Accurate thruster warmup and standby modes
  • Update definition of mass and propellant in thruster and spacecraft
  • Add a new reference for RAAN mission to perform a rendezvous

Analytical module

  • Standby mode on thruster
  • Update definition of mass and propellant in thruster and spacecraft
  • Add a new reference for RAAN mission to perform a rendezvous

Constellation module

  • Ground stations creation + display on result map
  • Spacecraft ground traces display on result map
  • New outputs for the ground segment: time between two stations, access time, age of information, true latency
  • Add threshold to filter the results

Deployment strategies module

  • Add initial RAAN/LTAN in rideshare launches
  • Take the RAAN drift into account to deploy on the constellation planes
  • New user interfaces to choose the planes for launches in the Deployment Computation mission
  • New algorithm to generate launch configurations for Deployment Optimization mission

To allow all trial users to try out the new functionalities, Exotrail has decided to extend the trial period to the 11/05/2020. Do you still have not the subscription? Click on the link and start enjoying the full software.

Interested in having a complete overview of the software? Watch out the dedicated Webinar we held in April (video).


ExoOPS™- Mission Design is a cloud-based software that helps engineers to design and plan the operations of satellite and constellation missions. It includes several modules covering all the mission definition process, from the launcher selection and constellation performance evaluation, to energy balance analysis and firing duty cycle optimization.

Find more information on the site.


Exotrail’s mission is to deliver agility to the space industry. We enhance constellations of small satellites by optimising launch strategies, improving resolution, coverage, lifespan and overall performance while also providing sustainable solutions that do not add to existing space debris. We do this by providing advanced electric propulsion solutions and mission design software for small satellites. Exotrail has raised more than 6M€ to date and employs 25 people in offices in Massy and Toulouse in France.

Exotrail Press Contact:

Jacques Denavaut, +33 6 85 13 13 97

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