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Be more efficient and autonomous in your tenders by avoiding back-and-forth discussions with technical expert teams. Perform trade-offs on thousands of scenarios with quick yet realistic parametric studies. Compare the impact of using different subsystems to highlight your competitive advantages.

Simulate orbital dynamics, calculate and propagate all kinds of maneuvers, and refine your analysis thanks to detailed physical modeling. Collaborate with system engineers by analyzing the interactions of subsystems with each other and with the space environment with our full-featured orbital simulator.

Design constellations from your business constraints thanks to our proprietary algorithms, including state-of-the art genetic optimization. Compute key metrics over your areas of interest and size your ground segment. Minimize the cost of inserting satellites into orbit and your time to revenue.

Thoroughly analyze all phases of your satellite's operational life, tune your station-keeping maneuvering strategies, and anticipate de-orbiting. Train for operations in a familiar environment as spacestudio™ and spacetower™ – our satellite operations software – both rely on the same flight dynamics engine.

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“We have the capability to enable satellites to move in space.”

Key Features


Interface with third-party solutions or existing in-house tools thanks to our compatibility features.

  • Use spacestudio™ through our REST API.
  • Simulate actual orbits by reading Two-Line Elements.
  • Import and export your dataset in JSON format.
  • Export your study results in CCSDS and CSV files.

Collaborate and share results with multiple stakeholders through our simple and intuitive graphical interface.

  • Tailor your study inputs to your area of expertise.
  • Share your analysis with other spacestudio™ users.
  • Use our built-in plotting tools to present your results.
  • Easily export anything for your reports and presentations.

The level of detail and complexity of the simulations can be easily adapted to the level of maturity of your project.

  • Use simplified analytical models to get instant results.
  • Refine your studies with our simulation capabilities.
  • Increase the modeling complexity according to your needs.
  • Activate the advanced settings to further refine your analysis.
Low-thrust expertise

Benefit from Exotrail's expertise in low-thrust propulsion to design complex maneuvering strategies.

  • Compute combined orbital maneuvers.
  • Optimize low-thrust GTO-GEO transfers.
  • Perform rendez-vous and formation flying (beta).
  • Study cislunar trajectories (beta).
Why choosespacestudio™

Why choose

  • Break the silos between your teams.
  • Improve your productivity by running realistic simulations in minutes — not months.
  • Receive regular updates based on your feeback.
  • Eliminate development and maintenance costs.

If you prefer, our teams can also conduct studies

Our experts work quickly and with great flexibility to meet your analysis and design needs.

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Discover our roadmap

Q1 2023

v 3.3

  • Impulsive maneuvers model & chemical propulsion systems in simulations
  • New user interface (UI) beta release
  • Zone of interest coverage improvement
  • Telecom link budget capabilities

v 4.0

  • New UI full release
  • OTV solution in deployment strategies
  • Constellation mission planning center analysis
  • Additional constellation output ephemerides
Q2 2023
Q3 2023

v 4.1

  • Addition of custom events in API
  • Full constellation deployment optimization
  • New UI versioning capabilities
  • Addition of Inter satellite link

v 4.2

  • Addition of custom models in API
  • IOT analyses capabilities
  • Interactive API documentation
  • Improved constellation coverage analyses
Q4 2023


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