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Constellation design and optimisation with spacestudio™ constellation

Satellite and mission design with spacestudio™ satellite

For constellation Design

spacestudio Constellation

spacestudio™ constellation is designed to maximise efficiency, not costs. Effortlessly build and modify your constellations to get key metrics over your areas of interest and size your ground segments -- all without the complexity that comes with other software or the expense of external consultants.

Use cases

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In the domain of Earth observation and telecommunication, the successful launch of the first generation of satellites marks a significant milestone for any new project or company. Now, attention turns towards the next phase: the GEN2 generation constellation. System engineers and mission analysts, previously involved in the initial iteration, are now dedicated to refining, and optimizing this next evolution.

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Earth Observation provider has to address the needs ofprospects and users by meeting their requirements for image quality. They needto determine if their current constellation configuration can meet prospectrequirements in terms of image age, quality, and revisit rate.

Speak with our team to see how spacestudio™ constellation can improve your workflow.

management of satellites in orbit
For trajectory & system design

spacestudio Satellite

With spacestudio™ satellite, our aim is to make preliminary mission analysis and spacecraft design accessible your whole team, freeing your experts to focus on the tasks that require their expertise the most. Our software, whether accessed through our intuitive interface or versatile APIs, enables quick and informed trade-offs and comparison between subsystems and trajectories. Built upon a foundation of low-thrust propulsion expertise, you can have confidence in the results you get and the decisions you need to make.

Use cases

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Following the FCC rule that satellites must deorbit within a specified number of years, new generations of satellites in any LEO constellation now require propulsion. In many cases, after a successful launch of the first generation of the constellation, the payload design has been validated and tested in orbit and its design has not changed.

With spacestudio™ you pay for the capabilities you need, not for the ones you’ll never use.

We understand what preliminary design is, our pricing reflects that.

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Exotrail is an end-to-end space mobility operator. We design, develop and sell mobility solutions for an agile space. Our mission is to allow satellites to move in space, so that we can optimise their deployment, increase their service performances and reduce space pollution

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v 3.4

  • New UI beta release
  • Link budget capabilities in beta
Q2 2023
Q3 2023

v 3.5

  • UX improvement in new UI
  • GUEST role in the app
  • GTO GEO longitude convergence

v 4.0

  • Full new UI release
  • Custom attitude modes
  • Link budget telecom study
  • Orbital simulation study
Q4 2023


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