Flexible and scalable Flight Dynamics System

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Get accurate positioning information for your satellites and update your knowledge of their modeling with precise orbit determination algorithms. Propagate trajectories, compute maneuvers and predict future orbital events.

Customize flight dynamics to your specific mission requirements thanks to detailed system and space environment modeling. Integrate seamlessly into your operational environment using standard data exchange formats.

Automate your operational workflows with our API and Python wrapper, including station keeping and collision avoidance maneuvers.

Scale computing power with your satellite fleet thanks to containerized deployment on private or public clouds

Key Features

GSaaS integration

GSaaS integration

Interface natively with any Ground Segment as a Service provider with our Monitoring & Control System.

FDS inside

FDS inside

Our integrated Flight Dynamics System automates tasks through its connection to Monitoring and Control.



Get your operators up to speed by simulating real-world operations in our training environment.



spacetower™ is built on modular components that can be accessed independently from APIs

“We have the capability to enable satellites to move in space.”

Why choose spacetower

  • Scale your constellation, not your operations costs.
  • Benefit from Exotrail's flight heritage.
  • Avoid large upfront investments with our SaaS model.
  • Receive regular updates based on your feedback.
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Why choose spacetower™

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