Let’s follow spacevan™ during one of its mission

spacedrop™ brings your payload with precision to your orbit

Let’s follow spacevan™ during one of its mission

spacedrop™ is the perfect illustration of the word rideshare. spacevan™ powerful propulsion offers the capacity to ride to multiple orbits in one mission. Like in a cab, you can ask the driver to drop you where you want. Mission cost is shared between all embarked passengers.  

1st stop at launcher injection orbit :

spacevan™ can drop any type of payload at launcher injection orbit. All passengers including those going farther will benefit from the share of launch costs. This option is ideal for students' cubesats.

2nd stop at SSO, 750km

If your mission requires higher altitude, or an even more precise orbit, spacevan™ drops you where you need.

3rd stop with a delta RAAN of 20°

spacevan™ is powerful enough to execute two complex maneuvers in one single mission. Each additional reachable orbit generates new opportunity to embark other passengers. It improves spacevan™ filling ratio. Even on complex orbits, you can share the ride with other demanding passengers.  

Why is it more affordable?

spacevan™ will embark payload from several customers. Launch cost burden will be shared between all passengers.