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With spacedrop™, we pioneer access to GEO for smallsats

GEO is small satellites new frontier!

With spacedrop™, we pioneer access to GEO for smallsats

Access to LEO orbit is now mainstream for Cubesats, mini and smallsat. New use cases are emerging to provide services from GEO orbit with satellites below 400kg . The challenge for operators is to find a solution to access to GEO with this class of spacecraft.

Nano and microsats are too small to get to GEO :

Transfer from GTO to GEO in a few months requires a powerful propulsion system often incompatible with smaller satellites form factors. An alternative is to book a dedicated flight on small launcher capable of direct injection to GEO - but these are scarce, not mature, and always very expensive.

spacedrop™ will provide fast and affordable access to GEO:

spacedrop™ manifest includes flights to GTO on various categories of launchers. With its unique spaceware™ propulsion system, our spacevan™ can inject payload in GEO orbit in 4 months - including nanosats and microsats. With spacedrop™, operators can generate new revenue streams from orbits that were previously inaccessible for small satellites

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